Private Label Information



May vary based on complexity of product

Mashing in: $20/hr

Fermentation Tanks: $25/day

Distilling: $25/hr

Bottling line: $1/bottle

*Rates include:

Use of licenses/bonds

Use of facility, hoses, pumps, containers, filters, air pressure, electricity, natural gas/steam, tools, and anything else required to complete the order.

Setup/Clean up of facility and equipment

Rates do not include supply costs (grains, bottles, labels, corks, etc...) or Federal Excise Taxes ($13.50 is owed per proof gallon upon removal of product from this bonded facility.)

*Rates will vary based on how much labor is required and if you/your team is here working or if this is a "call-in" order.

Additional services include: sourcing of supply (Bottles, caps/closures, labels, cardboard, etc..), training/education on alcohol production and equipment, distribution/public storage of alcohol, and other services.

Hours of Operation

It's recommended that you call ahead just to make sure we're not at a late lunch or Home Depot when you show up!

Posted Hours:

Monday: 9am to 4pm
Tuesday: 9am to 4pm
Wednesday: 9am to 6pm
Thursday: 9am to 6pm
Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: By Appointment only
Sunday: Closed (Spending time with my kids)

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